26 Oct

Drew’s Western Handmade Boots

At Drew’s, we know that the boots you wear are an important part of your lifestyle, and we believe in offering our customers the best quality products and professional service around. Drew’s has been in the boot making business for nearly 100 years. Let our years of experience in the industry assure you that you’ll get the best advice about fit, style, and quality.

So what makes Drew’s boots different or worth the investment? – Quality the lasts. Nowadays, it can be difficult to find manufacturers who source high-quality leathers, build their boots by hand, and take pride in the materials and the craftsmanship that goes into producing their products. Most machine-made boots are made with some variation of a paper or cardboard insole, plastic welts or midsoles, and minimal or no arch support. Boots made to these standards are likely to fall apart quickly and are unable to be repaired or resoled. All of our handmade boots at Drew’s are designed to benefit your feet and offer the support they need for a hard day’s work. Aside from the double ribbed steel shank, our Drew’s handmade western boots are an all-leather construction. They can be re-soled and re-welted when the time comes, and most of our customers have had their boots for several years.

One of the most differentiating features of Drew’s is the high arch construction. They are designed to support the foot in a way that reduces fatigue on the feet, legs and back, while aligning your body. A high arch substantially reduces the pressure that is put on the ball and heel areas by redistributing your weight evenly throughout the entire foot. For those who like a higher heel to ride in, you may find that many other boot brands leave you feeling like your weight is being shifted forward, making them both unstable and uncomfortable to walk and work in. The high arch in our boots help combat this issue by balancing out the higher heel with the high arch construction, preventing your weight from being thrown forward. Our tall top buckaroo styles have been our best sellers for this reason, and we try to keep our most popular styles and sizes in stock.

Our boots can be made to your individual specifications if you require custom sizing, custom leg patterns, or just a custom look. Build times vary depending on time of year, leather availability and custom options, however they generally hover around the 8-10 week mark.
You can be fit for our boots locally, at our store in Eugene, Oregon. In December, we will be heading to Las Vegas during the NFR. Stop by our booth at Cowboy Christmas in the Las Vegas Convention Center to check out our custom handmade boot selection and get fit up in person! You will also find us in Denver at the National Western Stock Show in January.

If you need to be sized remotely, we regularly fit people through measurements and tracings. (Click here to find our fitting guide and fit kit.) For any assistance on custom ordering or sizing help, give us a call at 1-800-722-0393 and one of our customer service representatives would be more than happy to offer assistance.

7 Sep

Oregon On Fire

August wildland fires have set the state of Oregon ablaze, burning hundreds of thousands of acres of land within the state, and counting. If you live in Oregon, it’s no secret that the entire state is suffering; the air has been full of smoke and ash, and most of the state is suffering from moderately hazardous to extremely hazardous air conditions. Several schools across the state are without filtered air conditioning systems, forcing them to delay the start of the school year due to air quality concerns and high temperatures. Conditions are expected to improve in the coming days due to changes in weather and humidity levels.

A new fire started on Saturday near Portland, in the Columbia River Gorge. The Eagle Creek Fire is thought to have been sparked by a firework set off by a teenager, who may end up facing criminal charges, although the investigation is ongoing and the teen has not been charged at this point. Roughly 140 hikers were left stranded overnight, due to the fire; however, officials were able to evacuate them safely on Sunday morning. Hundreds of homes in the area have since been evacuated, with many others in neighboring areas on high alert; told to be ready to evacuate at any moment. The fire continued traveling east, and by the end of Sunday had spread to nearly 3,000 acres. By Tuesday it reached nearly 4,800 acres, and has now merged with the existing Indian Creek Fire nearby, totaling more than 30,000 acres between the two. Oregonians and outdoor enthusiasts were left heartbroken over the burning of this beautiful area of land which has long been a popular hiking destination. Several historic landmarks and trails have been damaged, however firefighters were able to preserve the Multnomah Falls Lodge built in 1925, and the overall damage was less than initially expected.

The Eagle Creek Fire has certainly captured a lot of attention; largely due to its close proximity to the Portland area as well it’s potential to harm historic landmarks. Several fires across the state have had equally devastating effects. The largest of the fires in the State of Oregon is the Chetco Bar fire located northeast of Brookings. The fire was started on July 12 by lightening, and it’s expected to take until at least mid-October before the fire is fully contained. According to an update on 9/6/16 from the Wild Coast Compass, Tuesday was a very active day adding 14,257 charred acres, bringing the overall total to 176,770 acres. Level 3 evacuations remain in effect for several residents in Curry County.

A website has been set up with the objective of providing updated information surrounding the fire, as well as resources for victims of the Chetco Bar Fire and information on how to help. Visit: www.chetcobarfire.com to view this information or find them on Facebook: @chetcofire. Their mission statement is as follows: “This informational website was created to help the victims of the Chetco Bar Fire, as well as give our local community members easy access to important links and news regarding the status of the firefighting efforts and community outreach options. My goal is to make the distribution of information and resources easily accessible to everyone affected by this fire.”

Nearly 1700 crew members are working hard to contain the Chetco Fire, and countless others are working to contain other fires in various parts of our beautiful state. At Baker’s and Drew’s we outfit many of these crew members with their wildland fire boots; these men and women are close to our hearts. We will continue to do our part in providing the most reliable products we can so these firefighters can help keep Oregon green. While supplies last, we will also be including free socks and/or Oregon Trail boot wax with all of our fire boot shipments during the month of September. Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by the fires. We’ve been in the forestry business for over 60 years and we pride ourselves in products that keep our firefighters safe even in the harshest conditions.

2 May

Smokejumper by White’s Boots

For firefighters nothing is more important than a quality pair of wildland fire boots. White’s Boots set the standard for footwear in the forest industry, and even today the Smokejumper is one of the most well-known fire boots out there.

Most footwear provides minimal arch support, which allows for your arches to collapse once you apply pressure on your feet by standing, causing severe foot discomfort and in some cases more permanent damage. With White’s arch ease design, pioneered by Otto White, your foot is cradled in comfort. Their high arch technology doesn’t allow your arches to flatten and collapse. It’s been imitated by virtually every boot manufacturer in the world, but when it comes to the quality of materials and care in craftsmanship, there is no virtually comparison. (Click here to take a look at the anatomy and construction on the smokejumper.) Its unsurpassed heritage has spread from wildland fire fighters to hunters, construction workers to truckers, and others who live in their boots and expect the very best. Their hand sewn, stitch down construction provides flexibility and comfort that cannot be achieved any other way. If you want the original work boot that you can repair, rebuild and last for years White’s Smokejumper wild land fire boots are there for you. We carry a large selection of sizes and widths in stock; call 1-800-722-0393 for a fitting expert.

Do you require NFPA Approval?
The Smokejumper is built standard in a 10” height, with black smooth leather, and a Vibram 100 Lug sole marked with a red X which signifies a fire resistant sole. The smokejumper meets or exceeds requirements of NFPA 1977, Standard on Protective Clothing and Equipment for Wildland Fire Fighting, when built to this configuration. Alterations can be made on custom orders but it may no longer meet NFPA requirements, depending on the changes made. Most custom builds will require a build time of approximately 4-8 weeks depending on how long you wait to place to get you order in. With fire season just around the corner, our phones are already ringing with boot orders, so don’t wait! Call and speak to one of our customer service representatives today, and we can help get you into a boot that best suits your needs, or help with any fitting questions you may have. Your feet will thank you.

26 Oct

Lowa Boots: New to Our Website

New to our Drew’s site are these European made Lowa Boots. Lowa’s are known around the world for being both light and comfortable, but right here at Drew’s they are a store favorite. These boots are newly available on our website, however we have carried Lowa boots for years in our store and in our sister store, Baker’s Shoes & Clothing in Eugene, Oregon. (Click here to view an expanded selection of Lowa boot styles.) If you’re a hiker, backpacker, or hunter you’ve probably heard of Lowa Boots. Based in Germany, they have been making boots for more than 90 years and really know their stuff when it comes to boots for the outdoors. No matter what kind of outdoor adventure you enjoy Lowa has a perfect boot, from boots designed for people carrying heavy loads like backpackers or hunters, to all-weather boots for wet or dry climates. They can go on any terrain everything from hiking trails in the coastal range here in Oregon to backpacking up the South Sister which is famous for it’s rocky terrain and scree. Lowa boots are famous for their patented Gore-Tex® lining that makes boots waterproof and a special polyurethane midsole that’s way tougher than other materials on the market.

The Lowa Renegade GTX

The LOWA Renegade is one of our most popular hiking boots. It’s available in a Mid or Lo so you can choose which height you need depending on the terrain or if you enjoy moderate-to-difficult hikes or lighter trail hiking. The Monowrap construction will offer extra support, Nubuck leather uppers and Gore-Tex® lining will keep your feel nice and dry, while all of the in-boot climate control features that Lowa is famous for makes this boot breathable.

The Lowa Ronan GTX (for Women)

The Lowa Ronan GTX model is popular with the women who come into our shop. It’s a great crossover boot whether you’re doing some moderate trail hiking, or backpacking in rougher areas. The leather upper combined the waterproof Gore-Tex® liner give you plenty of waterproof protection, but Lowas are also designed to breathe and they have a climate control system so all that protection doesn’t keep heat in. It’s a great multi-season boot and will take you into spring or even summer, with great color options that appeal to many of our female customers.

The Lowa Hunter

Lowa’s classic backpacking boots are made for on- and off-trail use with heavy 50- to 60- pound packs for extended trips in the back country. Handcrafted construction, the finest leathers, Vibram outsoles, and SPS (Supination Pronation Support) midsole technology, are just some of the reasons why Lowa is the boot of choice for rugged, off-trail adventure. This boot provides excellent ankle support for climbing steep hillsides and traversing rugged terrain. Gore-Tex® waterproof lining keeps feet warm and dry. The Hunter is a taller, 10″ version of the Tibet GTX. The Lowa Hunter is the most supportive footwear we have found. The rigid footbed keeps your heel from pronation and supenation a technical term for rolling your heels out or in. As well the ventilation system on the collar is unique and allows your feet to breathe as you walk. The rubber rand around the boot is hand lasted protecting the leather from rocks and debris.

The Lowa Tibet GTX

I recommend the Lowa Tibet GTX for men, or the Tibet GTX (Ws) for women, to my most hardcore hunter and backpacker customers. They are designed to carry a load as big as you can carry and have a rating of 50+ pounds. The ankle support and 9” upper will keep you safe even on uneven ground. They are perfect for those die hard folks, Oregonians in particular. They can take you through even the most extreme weather conditions with the Gore-Tex® lining on the inside that keeps your feet bone dry. They are also cooling because of the internal climate control system that lets air in but pushes heat and sweat out, so you can stay cool in the summer and in the winter all you need is a pair of good socks like the FITS Sock, Ballston Wool Socks, or Darn Tough Socks to keep warm.

The Lowa Baffin Pro

The Baffin Pro is great for both men and women and is essentially a non-Gore-Tex® version of the Lowa Tibet GTX. Just like the Tibet GTX, it’s great for extreme terrain, on and off the trail, but is best in dry climates. Even in extreme heat the wearer’s feet stay cool because of the internal climate control system. It’s got self-cleaning lugs in the sole that make the traction the best it can be over all kinds of surfaces.


These boots are pretty much the best for hiking, backpacking, and hunting that you can find. They’re designed for enthusiasts and are super heavy-duty. If you have any questions or want to check on the in-store availability of our favorite Lowa boots, give us a call at 1-800-722-0393.

Thank you for shopping at Drew’s!


20 Oct

HydroFlask: A Local Company

HydroFlask based in Bend, Oregon was a pioneer in creating a steel, vacuumed, double walled and insulated bottle for everyday lifestyle. HydroFlask began in 2009 in Central Oregon with a simple water bottle and a screw top lid. With rapid growth of craft beer in Bend, Oregon, HydroFlask decided to dive into the beer industry. They were the first company to come up with an insulted growler (64oz water bottle) for tap beer fill-ups – this is 4 pints of ice cold beer for the boat, picnic or just on your way home! Since then HydroFlask has developed product for the coffee and food categories and expanded their roots in the hydration and beer industries and become the pinnacle water bottle in the market.

One of our favorite pieces that HydroFlask makes is the “True Pint” – this is a stainless steel pint glass that like all HydroFlask products, is vacuum insulated to keep contents cold or even hot for a longer period of time. This product is great for ice water, cold beer or even a hot cup of Joe! HydroFlask uses a powered coated finish on their bottles to eliminate any sweat and condensation and it’s no different on the True Pint. These make for a great replacement in your kitchen cabinet for old glass or plastic cups that break, are heavy and don’t keep your contents the way you want them!

With all the different applications that HydroFlask offers, you can’t have too many options at your finger tips! For everyday hydration we recommend a 40oz widemouth bottle with a straw lid. For any activity like stand up paddle boarding, rafting or kayaking, we advise the the standard mouth with a screw lid – a carabiner can easily be applied to your device and bottle to keep it from dumping into the Deschutes River. For any backpacking trips or hunting trips, you have to take advantage of the food flasks that HydroFlask offers – makes for a great container for warm soup out in the mountains. Don’t forget to bring along your HydroFlask grower for a fill of your favorite local beer like 10 Barrel or Hop Valley and pour it into a True Pint for an ice cold beer drinking experience.

Stop into our Drew’s Boots store in Bend, or our sister company, Baker’s Shoes & Clothing in Eugene if you in the Willamette Valley to see our ever changing selection of HydroFlask gear. To place an order to be shipped call 1-800-722-0393 and one of our friendly customer service representatives would be happy to check inventory and take an order over the phone. Don’t wait, the holiday season is right around the corner and these make the perfect gift!

29 Sep

Filson: A Great American Brand

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Filson has guaranteed that their products will stand the test of time.  They offer the kind of products that become family heirlooms and are passed down to kids from their parents and grandparents. The founder of Filson, Clinton C. Filson, was the same kind of hard-working, tough outdoorsman that we’ve noticed many Filson customers are. Filson customers have high expectations for quality and toughness because they are the kind of people who really put those items to the test out in the woods, on farms, in workshops, and more. Filson is based right here in the Pacific Northwest; you can’t get much more American than Filson.  Drew’s can get any Filson at discounted pricing call for a discount at 1-800-722-0393

Long History and Good Values

Filson is a company with a long history that was started in Seattle in the 1890’s with strong American values that remain the focus of the company today. He had a reputation for honesty and was trusted as a reliable and hard-working individual by his customers. His first major group of customers were the guys heading north for the gold rush. These guys were heading into a harsh and unknown environment and needed products that they could bet their lives on. Quality gear at the time was sometimes the difference between life and death in the Yukon.  From the beginning, the brand created and image for itself of offering unbeatable quality that you can really depend on, and we have found them to be one of the few manufacturers around to continue to offer top notch quality and products.

“Our materials are the very best obtainable, for we know that the best is none too good and that quality is of vital importance. You can depend absolutely upon our goods both as to material and workmanship.” -C.C. Filson

Made in the USA

These days it can be tough to find quality products that are made right here in the USA. Not many brands stick to a set of core American values and aren’t committed to making products in the US, where they’re not only high quality, but they create jobs for hard-working Americans. Filson has a wide array of Made in USA products to choose from.

At Drew’s we are proud to offer a variety of Filson products in the store and online including vests, bags, coats, socks, and more. Filson is an American brand that we believe in and know that our customers will be getting the very best when they choose Filson. Contact us to learn more about the products we offer. If you’re looking for a particular item, but don’t find it on our website, let us know and we can check our in store inventory (which differs from the products we show online) or do a dealer search and special order that item for you.

8 Sep

Oregon Trail Boot Wax

If you’ve ever noticed that your boot oil or wax has a strong odor there is likely a reason; most are made with harsh chemicals and petroleum distillates or animal fats that can be harmful to the stitching and overtime will ruin the integrity of the leather. Additionally, these strong odors are not conducive to hunting as the unnatural scents can disrupt big game hunting.

In an effort to provide our customers with a product better suited to meet their needs we decided to make it ourselves. Oregon Trail boot wax is made here in our Eugene, Oregon in the back of our store, using a unique and innovative method to melt and dispense the wax. This all-natural product was originally developed for the severe conditions in the Northwest, but is quickly gaining popularity among firefighters, loggers, ranchers, and hunters. Oregon Trail boot wax provides the best protection available, using only natural ingredients with a beeswax base to help restore and preserve the leather, while repelling outside elements. We know your boots are expensive and we want to help you get the most life out of your leather goods.

Oregon Trail wax is offered in 4oz and 8oz sizes. It readily absorbs into any kind of leather, stays absorbed in the leather longer than other treatments, and will not harm glued-on rubber rand or boot stitching. Application is simple and straightforward: apply the wax by hand or with a brush or cloth, allow some time to absorb into the leather, and then wipe off the excess. (No heat is required.) Repeat as needed when the leather becomes discolored or dry areas are observed in the leather. As with any leather protector or oil based product, it will darken the appearance of the leather.

About this product:
• Repels water better
• Restores dry leather to a soft condition and keeps it protected for the future
• Helps prevent premature cracking in flex areas
• Contains no harmful silicone or petroleum
• Is odorless before and after applied (important to those who hunt)
• Applies easily with a clean cloth or dabber brush
• Penetrates deeply into leather
• Will darken the leather