20 Oct

HydroFlask: A Local Company

HydroFlask based in Bend, Oregon was a pioneer in creating a steel, vacuumed, double walled and insulated bottle for everyday lifestyle. HydroFlask began in 2009 in Central Oregon with a simple water bottle and a screw top lid. With rapid growth of craft beer in Bend, Oregon, HydroFlask decided to dive into the beer industry. They were the first company to come up with an insulted growler (64oz water bottle) for tap beer fill-ups – this is 4 pints of ice cold beer for the boat, picnic or just on your way home! Since then HydroFlask has developed product for the coffee and food categories and expanded their roots in the hydration and beer industries and become the pinnacle water bottle in the market.

One of our favorite pieces that HydroFlask makes is the “True Pint” – this is a stainless steel pint glass that like all HydroFlask products, is vacuum insulated to keep contents cold or even hot for a longer period of time. This product is great for ice water, cold beer or even a hot cup of Joe! HydroFlask uses a powered coated finish on their bottles to eliminate any sweat and condensation and it’s no different on the True Pint. These make for a great replacement in your kitchen cabinet for old glass or plastic cups that break, are heavy and don’t keep your contents the way you want them!

With all the different applications that HydroFlask offers, you can’t have too many options at your finger tips! For everyday hydration we recommend a 40oz widemouth bottle with a straw lid. For any activity like stand up paddle boarding, rafting or kayaking, we advise the the standard mouth with a screw lid – a carabiner can easily be applied to your device and bottle to keep it from dumping into the Deschutes River. For any backpacking trips or hunting trips, you have to take advantage of the food flasks that HydroFlask offers – makes for a great container for warm soup out in the mountains. Don’t forget to bring along your HydroFlask grower for a fill of your favorite local beer like 10 Barrel or Hop Valley and pour it into a True Pint for an ice cold beer drinking experience.

Stop into our Drew’s Boots store in Bend, or our sister company, Baker’s Shoes & Clothing in Eugene if you in the Willamette Valley to see our ever changing selection of HydroFlask gear. To place an order to be shipped call 1-800-722-0393 and one of our friendly customer service representatives would be happy to check inventory and take an order over the phone. Don’t wait, the holiday season is right around the corner and these make the perfect gift!

8 Sep

Oregon Trail Boot Wax

If you’ve ever noticed that your boot oil or wax has a strong odor there is likely a reason; most are made with harsh chemicals and petroleum distillates or animal fats that can be harmful to the stitching and overtime will ruin the integrity of the leather. Additionally, these strong odors are not conducive to hunting as the unnatural scents can disrupt big game hunting.

In an effort to provide our customers with a product better suited to meet their needs we decided to make it ourselves. Oregon Trail boot wax is made here in our Eugene, Oregon in the back of our store, using a unique and innovative method to melt and dispense the wax. This all-natural product was originally developed for the severe conditions in the Northwest, but is quickly gaining popularity among firefighters, loggers, ranchers, and hunters. Oregon Trail boot wax provides the best protection available, using only natural ingredients with a beeswax base to help restore and preserve the leather, while repelling outside elements. We know your boots are expensive and we want to help you get the most life out of your leather goods.

Oregon Trail wax is offered in 4oz and 8oz sizes. It readily absorbs into any kind of leather, stays absorbed in the leather longer than other treatments, and will not harm glued-on rubber rand or boot stitching. Application is simple and straightforward: apply the wax by hand or with a brush or cloth, allow some time to absorb into the leather, and then wipe off the excess. (No heat is required.) Repeat as needed when the leather becomes discolored or dry areas are observed in the leather. As with any leather protector or oil based product, it will darken the appearance of the leather.

About this product:
• Repels water better
• Restores dry leather to a soft condition and keeps it protected for the future
• Helps prevent premature cracking in flex areas
• Contains no harmful silicone or petroleum
• Is odorless before and after applied (important to those who hunt)
• Applies easily with a clean cloth or dabber brush
• Penetrates deeply into leather
• Will darken the leather