White's Packer Style #690C

# 690C
Product Details: 

•8" Top
•7 - 8 oz. Heavy OIl-Tan Leather
•Available in Brown, Black, or Red Dog
•Available in Packer, Standard, Celastic, Double Celastic, or Thoroughbred Toe
•Available in Composition, Mini-Vibram, or Single Leather Sole
•Optional Toe Bug Stitching Available
•Standard 2" Packer Heel
•Solid Brass Hooks and Eyes
•Fully Rebuidable

Over a half century ago, the White's Packer was designed specifically for professional outfitters and packers who required a strong arch for all-day comfort and support. Soon, workers in various industries discovered the remarkable qualities of the White's high Packer arch, and made it a vital part of their tools of the trade. Today, people in various demanding occupations, from ranchers and outfitters to mechanics and construction workers, depend on White's Packers for comfort and durability. Many find the boots so comfortable that they even wear them off the job.

Price: $429.00
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