Wesco Custom Jobmaster Size: 10C

$399.95 $485.00
Without question, the Wesco Jobmaster is our most versatile boot. While it offers industrial strength protection on the job, just as many customers have chosen the Jobmaster as a favorite for everyday wear. It's comfortable, durable, and can be customized with more options than any of our other lace-up boots. --Wesco Boots


Our customers return is YOUR steal of the day!! Custom Jobmaster Specs: ¥ Toe Vamp Leather: Redwood Leather ¥ Counter Leather: Redwood Leather ¥ Upper (Shaft) Leather: Redwood Leather ¥ Height: 6" ¥ Thread Color (upper): Brown & White ¥ Brass Eyelets ¥ Safety Toe: NONE ¥ Leather Liner: NONE ¥ Heel Lifts: 1 lift lower (1/4" lower heel) ¥ Edge: Natural ¥ Sole: Honey Lug 100 Vibram ¥ Outsole Stitching color: White ¥ Toe Pattern: Lace to Toe ¥ Toe Cap: NONE ¥ Size - Length: 10 ¥ Size - Width: C