Boulet Ladies Wide Square Toe #6337

# 6337
Boulet 6337 Mouse-Over
Product Details: 

Toe: Wide Square Toe
Heel: Horseman Heel
Sole: Leather Sole
Stitching: Double Stitch Welt
Height: 16"
Shaft: Bison Shrunken Bomber (North American Bison)
Upper: Faraon Magenta and Tamboreado Blanco
Sizing: 5 to 10 C

Boulet boots are renowned for their unsurpassed quality. Every pair is carefully handcrafted, respecting the old tradition of three generations. All adult boots are entirely leather lined for greater comfort. The famous Boulet brand is sold in North America and Europe and are well known by cowboys around the world for their durability, comfort, and being first in fit.

Price: $341.00
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