Pendleton® Legendary Collection: Way of Life

# ZL494-52352
Product Details: 

•82% pure virgin wool / 18% cotton
•64" x 80"
•Dry clean
•Made in the USA

The Lakota Way of Life is a visual representation of Pte Oyate - The Buffalo Nation. For many Plains Tribes, the buffalo sustained all life. Every part of the animal was used - the meat for food, and hides for robes, teepee covers and shields. Horns were crafted into bowls and arrow points. Fat was rendered for candles and soap. Swift horses, introduced by the Spanish in the 16th century, became essential to the buffalo hunt. For the Lakota, the buffalo story is held in their breath, their songs, stories and homes. In this unique design, a Pendleton® Blanket serves as a buffalo robe, keeping the body warm and the spirit strong. The teepee and blanket strips signify the four winds, the world above and below, as well as night and day.

Price: $249.00
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