Wesco Custom Boss #113 8C

# Custom Boss #113 8C
Wesco Custom Boss Size: 8C Mouse-Over
Product Details: 

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Custom Boss Specs:

• Toe Vamp Leather: Brown Smooth
• Counter Leather: Brown Smooth
• Upper (Shaft) Leather: Brown Smooth
• Height: 11"
• Instep Straps: Brown Smooth
• Instep Strap Length: Standard
• Instep Buckle Options: Nickel Plated
• Top Straps: One
• Top Strap Length: 1" Longer
• Top Buckles: Nickel Plated
• Shaft Diameter: 1" smaller
• Thread Color (upper):Sterling/White
• Leather Liner: NONE
• Safety Toe: NONE
• Heel Lifts: Standard Lower Heel Height
• Midsole: Single
• Edge: Natural
• Sole: 700 Vibram®
• Outsole Stitching color: White
• Toe Pattern: Motorcycle Patrol Toe
• Toe Cap: NONE
• Size - Length: 8
• Size - Width: C

Motorcycle enthusiasts have always shown a preference for the handsome Wesco® Boss but it gets as much mileage from those who just like the solid comfort and style.
Standard Features:
• Rolled-leather top facing
• Permanently formed Stytherm™ counter
• Leather heel base
• Non-corrosive, ribbed, slightly arched steel shank
• Full-leather vamp lined with leather
• Hard toe
• Sweat-resistant full-leather insole
• Full-leather midsole

Price: $533.95
Sale! $449.95
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