WESCO Firestormer Style# BKF310100F

# BKF310100F
 Wesco Firestormer Boots Mouse-Over
Product Details: 

7oz Black Fire- and Water-Resistant Leather
10" Hieght
#100F Vibram® Sole
Heavy black Kevlar® upper and sole stitching
#100F Vibram® flame-resisting sole
Black leather laces
Removable false tongue

Wildland Firefighting Boots

A salute to wildland firefighters across the globe; the Wesco Firestormer is equipped with more fire resistant features than any other boot in the market. Built with Kevlar upper stitching as well as Kevlar outsole stitching; the Firestormer is built to keep your feet in your boots and your boots on the fire line.

Price: $475.00
Sale! $439.95
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