Why should you invest in handmade all-leather boots? Leather is better! All leather boots with solid leather arches and insoles are much better for your feet. Many machine-made boots are made with paper or cardboard insoles and plastic welts or mid-soles that cannot be repaired and provide little or no arch support. All of the handmade boots at Drew's are, of course, all leather with a double ribbed steel shank and designed to benefit your feet.

All of the handmade boots at Drew's feature unique high arch construction. An all-leather arch will support the foot in a way that reduces fatigue to feet and legs as it redistributes body weight evenly over the entire foot By lifting the arch of the foot, pressure on the ball and heel is substantially reduced, resulting in all-day comfort for the wearer. The high heel on many of our models is balanced against the high arch support, so don't be fooled by the look of the boot. They do not throw the weight forward onto the ball of the foot and they are very stable for walking and working all day long.

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