Wesco Custom Boss #106 9C

$519.95 $609.00
Motorcycle enthusiasts have always shown a preference for the handsome Wesco Boss but it gets as much mileage from those who just like the solid comfort and style.


Our customer‰۪s unworn return is YOUR steal of the day! Custom Boss Specs:

  •  Toe Vamp Leather: Black Smooth 
  • Counter Leather: Black Smooth 
  • Upper (Shaft) Leather: Black Smooth 
  • Height: 11" 
  • Instep Straps: Black Smooth 
  • Instep Strap Length: Standard 
  • Instep Buckle Options: Nickel Plated 
  • Top Straps: Black Smooth 
  • Top Strap Length: Standard 
  • Top Buckles: Nickel Plated 
  • Thread Color (upper): Brown 
  • Leather Liner: Black Leather 
  • Heel Lifts: 1 lift higher (1/4" higher heel) 
  • Midsole: Single 
  • Edge: Natural 
  • Sole: 700 Vibram 
  • Outsole Stitching color: Black 
  • Toe Pattern: Western Boss Toe 
  • Toe Cap: NONE 
  • Size - Length: 9 
  • Size - Width: C