Wesco Highliner 16" - #430 Mini Vibram® Sole

Wesco Boots
Recognized as the superior climbing boot since its introduction in 1938, our Highliner is designed and constructed specifically for power, telephone, cable utility workers and arborists. Because comfort is integral to safety and quality craftsmanship is critical to protection, this boot has extra arch support, heavy-duty steel shanks, spur-shielding heel breastplates and leather side flaps.
  • Black smooth leather
  • Lace-to-Toe
  • 16" Height
  • #430 Vibram Mini Vib Sole
  • 7 oz. full-grain leather
  • Leather side flap
  • Non-corrosive, ribbed, slightly arched steel shank for comfort and maximum support
  • Leather 10 - 10-1/2 iron (.219" thick) half-slip for added support in the arch
  • Recessed metal heel breastplate (offers protection from climbing spurs)
  • Steel sideplate
  • Removable false tongue