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Top 10 Best Boots for Wildland Firefighters 2021

Wildland firefighters, it’s time to get outfitted for the upcoming fire season. The right pair of protective footwear is an essential part of your gear, and the experts at Drew’s are here with our top picks for the ‘21 season. These pairs were selected for their longevity, quality, and superior...

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Rebuildable vs. Resoleable Boots

When you're on the market for a pair of fine quality boots, the terms “resoleable” and “rebuildable” are frequent descriptors. When it comes to work, fire, and tactical boots that see frequent wear, it means you can essentially get a brand new pair of boots without the expense of a...

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Proper Leather Care Techniques for Boots that Last

To protect your investment, cleaning and conditioning your boots regularly is essential. With daily wear, we recommend cleaning and conditioning every 2-3 weeks. If you work in mud or dirt, be sure to hose or wipe off your boots at the end of the day so that your leather uppers...

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Fire Boots: NFPA and Forest Service Standards

Drew’s Fire Boots are always Forest Service and/or NFPA Approved. Read on to learn about why that matters for you. When you’re out on the fireline, the last thing you need to worry about is the performance of your footwear. The right boots should work with you, remain durable, and...

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Anderson Bean

Exclusively at Drew’s Boots – Anderson Bean Westerns What do we mean when we say “Drew’s Exclusives?” That we proudly supply boots you can’t get anywhere else. One such bootmaker is Anderson Bean, a West Texas purveyor of uniquely crafted, intricately designed Western boots since 1989. Backed by over a...

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