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Those who love their Anderson Bean boots live life the same way we make our boots: they ride, work, tailgate, two-step, compete and do everything in between in these boots. They are independents, but also one big Drew’s Boots family.

Brazillian sea bass is the highlight of this boot, covering the vamp to the side welt. Chocolate brown hippo leather lends a contrast on the heel, while the caramel-brown shaft is embellished with subtle stitching.

Hippo leather is somewhat of a novelty in that it was not commonly seen until a few years ago. In its original state this leather is very thick and heavily scarred. The utmost grain is removed by sanding until some of the scars are removed. The bottom layer is split off to leave the top grain to be used in boots. Hippo wears very well under hard use but needs to be occasionally cleaned and conditioned to maximize wear. A brass bristle brush is ideal to remove loose dirt and dust from its suede like finish.

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