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When you're on the market for a pair of fine quality boots, the terms “resoleable” and “rebuildable” are frequent descriptors. When it comes to work, fire, and tactical boots that see frequent wear, it means you can essentially get a brand new pair of boots without the expense of a brand new pair. A “resoleable” or “rebuildable” boot adds unique benefits, such as being economically efficient, practical, and environmentally friendly when choosing a pair of handmade, quality boots.

The Resoling Process

On a resoleable boot, only the boot’s soles are replaced. Resoling is a simple way to stretch the life of your boot and keep your tread as good as new. When the welting and the tread begin to show signs of wear, fraying, or lack of traction, it’s time for a resole. Resoling is a great option if these areas are beginning to show wear, but the boot still remains structurally sound. When cared for properly, a quality pair of boots can be resoled 1-3 times before ever requiring a rebuild.

The Rebuilding Process

A rebuild, on the other hand, involves a complete overhaul of your boots. When rebuilding, we typically keep only the uppers and replace every other part of the boot, including vamps, insoles, midsoles, shanks, outsoles, counter pockets, worn hooks or eyes, tongues, and seams. In a full rebuild, these new components are attached to the original uppers, creating a boot that’s essentially brand new. This is typically only half the cost of a new pair of quality boots.

That’s why, when it comes to work, fire, or utility boots, rebuildable boots are a great investment–ultimately saving you a nice chunk of change and letting you continue to get use out of the boots you love.

When Is It Time to Rebuild?

It’s best to have your boots rebuilt before structural damage interferes with boot utility, especially if you wear your pair on the job. Signs of structural wear include cracking vamps and an insole that has begun to crack, crystallize, or rot.

Repair Services

If your boots aren’t ready for a rebuild but still require a repair, our techs can take care of that too. We use only the highest quality repair materials, sending you home with a like-new pair of boots. In addition to resoling, we re-stitch bad seams and add new false tongues, laces, sock liners, and more.