Olathe Boots

Buy Olathe boots direct from Drew's and save. Since 1873, before the railroads were here, custom boots were being made for the working cowboy in Olathe, Kansas. From legends of the Old West, like Wild Bill Hickok and Jesse James, to celebrities of today, as well as champion bronc riders, Olathe has produced boots for a wide range of folks including our hero, the working cowboy.
Known for their high quality leathers, exceptional fit and durability, boots from Olathe became so popular with cowboys from Texas to Washington State, that Olathe gained fame as the center of western boot making.

Custom Cowboy Boots

Today, after more than 125 years, Olathe is still producing quality for cowboys. At Olathe Boots they recognize the needs of the everyday cowboy. If someone needs a piece of equipment for working and riding, they try to serve those needs with emphasis on quality combined with time-honored traditions of hand-lasted boots.
Olathe Boot Company uses only top quality material and as much hand work as possible. Quality will NEVER be sacrificed for quantity. Each pair is made with as much care as the first pair was over a century ago. Call a fitting expert at Drews 1-800-722-0393

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