Drew's Oregon Trail Boot Wax (8oz)

Drew's Boots
Drew's Oregon Trail Boot Wax provides the best protection available. Originally developed for the severe conditions in the Northwest, it has become a popular choice by wildland firefighters, loggers, and hunters. Drew's Oregon Trail Wax preserves and restores boots, saddles and many other leather goods. It is extremely useful for any leather that gets put trough the toughest of conditions. Drew's Oregon Trail Boot Wax is an all natural 50/50 blend between wax and liquid. There are no chemicals in our wax, everything is all natural. With a beeswax base and other "secret" ingredients, Drew's wax melts right on contact! No need to heat up those boots or wax anymore!


  • Repels water better
  • Restores dry leather to a soft condition and keeps it protected for the future
  • Helps prevent premature cracking in flex areas.
  • Is odorless before and after applied (important to those who hunt)
  • Applies easily with with a clean cloth or dobber brush.
  • Penetrates deeply into leather.
  • Contains no harmful silicones or petroleums
  • Will darken the leather
  • SMALL=4oz 7.95 LARGE=8oz 11.95