Custom Boots

What are custom boots?

Custom boots are just what you make them. You choose each component–from the leather type on the vamp down to the stitch color on the uppers–and we build them to your specifications. This is your opportunity to take a Drew’s Boot you love and have it handbuilt to suit your preferences, all on a fully rebuildable frame for years and years of wear. Whether you’re working, ranching, or fighting fires in your custom boots, we only put you in pairs that will stand the test of time.

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What can I customize on my boots?

Your new boots are yours to design. Choose your favorite leather(s) to create a unique and custom boot specific to your style. From the stitching and hardware to the heel lift and outsole, the options are endless and they are yours to explore. To help showcase all of your choices, we have compiled an illustrated diagram of the anatomy of the boot and a brief description of all the customizations available to you. Get building today!

The anatomy of a boot

Drew's Custom Boots

Heel Counter
Medallion Stitch
Saddle Vamp
Stitch Pattern
Toe Vamp
Vamp Cut
Toe Shape
Top Height
Stitch Pattern Color
Leather Options
Ear/Pull Options

The Pulls on a boot are located near the top to assist in putting on your boots. While the Over-the-top Pulls are standard, some buyers prefer holes in the top to slip their fingers into. These are called Ear Pulls. Whatever style you prefer, both are easily customizable on Drew's.

Heel Counter Options

The heel counter is a piece of supportive leather placed in the back of the boot to stabilize and tighten the back of the heel that shapes around the Achilles tendon of your foot. Our firm-fitting heel counter helps reduce your risk of getting blisters, as well as provide ample support for the rest of your boot. Here you will have numerous options of leathers to use as your heel counter.

Heel Options

The heel height of your boot can be customized based on your trade or hobby. A raised heel can be beneficial in wet or muddy conditions by elevating the foot and providing traction on uneven ground. Also, when working on horseback, a lift in the heel has a better grip and prevents the boot from slipping out of the stirrup.

Medallion Stitch Options

The Medallion Stitch dresses up the boot toe. Often bootmakers will choose one design and stick with it throughout their entire career. We offer two options for your Medallion Stitch, or you can choose to leave it out altogether.

Midsole Options

This is a layer of leather between the actual uppers and outsole of the boot. The midsole is an important feature as it helps absorb shock and provides extra support to the leather insole.

Outsole Options

The outsole is the bottom of your boot. The outsole provides traction and contributes to how soft or firm your boot is. A smooth leather sole is great for dancing or when you need to get in and out of the stirrup. Need something more aggressive? Contact a Drew's representative and we can get the correct sole put on your custom boots.

Piping Options

The piping covers the vertical seam where the tops are stitched together. Typically it’s a single strand, but sometimes it involves more-elaborate braiding.

Saddle Vamp Options

The Saddle Vamp is an added piece of leather which protects the top of the foot from spur straps. As part of the vamp, this piece of leather will make the boots more snug across your instep while providing you adequate support while in the saddle.

Stitch Pattern Options

Here you can customize the stitching on your boot, you may also choose to have no extra stitching to keep a classic leather look.

Toe Vamp Options

The Toe vamp, better known as the foot. This front portion of leather on your boots. This can be fully customized with different leathers catered towards work or play.

Vamp Cut Options

The Vamp cut is the portion where you are looking straight at the boot, where the leather begins tu turn to the uppers. This area is very important as it has one of the toughest jobs from the boots bending or wearing from spur straps.

Welt Options

The welt is the part of the boot that is sewn into the toe vamp and connects to the midsole. This connects the upper portion of your boots to the midsole and outsole. You can make the welt a single row stitch(full welt) or double row (3/4 welt). You may also select the color of the welt as well as the welt stitch color.

Scallop Options

The Scallop is the design or shape of the finished boot shafts at the top of the boot. We have several different designs to offer to our customers based on their various styles and preferences.

Toe Options

The Toe Shape can be customized in several different options. Choose any of these styles to create your very own custom boot.

Top Leather Options

Choose from a variety of our leathers to outfit the Top of your boot. Mix in other leathers with the rest of your boot to create a unique piece custom to you.

Top Height Options

The Top Height is the height of the Top of your boot. We have varying heights from 11" to 18". The top height is measured from the top of the heel to the top of your boot. Measuring the piping and that's your height.

Stitch Pattern Color Options

With our customizable stitch patterns, comes the option to also customize the thread color within those patterns. Depending on the stitch design, you can choose the thread color for the Outside, Middle, or Inside Stitch Pattern.

Get started creating your own custom boots!

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