In the early 1900's Drew's started as a mens work and outdoor clothing store. Mr. Drew used to take his goods to the fire camps and commissary surrounding the Klamath Basin in Oregon and Northern California. After experiencing success going onsite, Mr. Drew expanded his selection of work clothing and then added footwear. By the mid 1950's Drew's was well known around Klamath Falls and beyond as the place for quality footwear and clothing.

In the 1950's his grandson took over the business who then sold it to his daughter Carl Drew and son-in-law Pat Cavanaugh. Pat continued his onsite business for industry surrounding the Klamath basin area. He also added rugged made in USA footwear like White's and Nick's boots brands known for quality in the Northwest. Pat expanded the lines and frequented shows and rodeo's in Pendleton, Oregon Denver, Colorado and the NFR in Las Vegas. Drew's was well known for their custom buckaroo boots and hand crafted western boots. In 2011 Pat decided to retire and approached the Baker family in Eugene about taking over Drew's. Baker's and Drew's had similar product lines for boots and clothing. The two companies were friendly competitors for years and the transition of the Drew's line of boots was a smooth one in October 2011. Baker's features Drew's boots in the store and on the website. Baker's took over Drew's Boots and moved the web site and sales staff to Eugene, Oregon in October of 2011.

In 2012 the Baker family decided to launch a new Drew's site. After a lot of thought and hard work, we believe this is one of the easiest sites to navigate yet with updated search and cart functions for all our loyal Drew's customers. We invite you to search our site and remember we are only a phone call away if you have any questions about our quality outdoor footwear, western boots, and ranch wear made famous by Drew's. We strive to earn your business and hope you enjoy our new site.

Why Buy From Drews

At Drew's, we know that the boots you wear are an important part of your lifestyle. What you put on your feet can make your job easier and your outdoor activities more enjoyable. At Drew's we believe in the best quality products and the best professional service. Our years of experience in the boot business assures that you'll get the best advice about fit, style, and which boot is best suited for you. We have the largest selection and inventory of handmade packers, loggers, smokejumpers, and pac boots in the nation. Most of our boots are available to be shipped immediately. For those who require a custom boot or a special pattern upper, your boots will be made to your individual specifications.

Why should you invest in handmade all-leather boots? Leather is better! All leather boots with solid leather arches, shanks, and insoles are much better for your feet. Many machine-made boots are made with paper or cardboard insoles and use rigid steel shanks that can rust and deteriorate the inside of the boots and provide little or no arch support. All of the handmade boots at Drew's are, of course, all leather and designed to benefit your feet.

All of the handmade boots at Drew's feature unique high arch construction. An all-leather arch will support the foot in a way that reduces fatigue to feet and legs as it redistributes body weight evenly over the entire foot By lifting the arch of the foot, pressure on the ball and heel is substantially reduced, resulting in all-day comfort for the wearer. The high heel on many of our models is balanced against the high arch support, so don't be fooled by the look of the boot. They do not throw the weight forward onto the ball of the foot and they are very stable for walking and working all day long.

We represent more than one manufacturer, so we can give you an unbiased answer to the differences between brands and styles.

Boot Options

Most boots shown can be ordered in different heights, different soles, or different leathers, as well as steel or celastic toes, but the most popular and practical options are shown on our website and are in stock at Drew's. If you have any questions about boot options, please call a Drew's representative.