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Rio of Mercedes

Strong, wearable, handtooled, and crafted in a 160+ year old tradition, Western boots from Rios of Mercedes are known for their understated natural tones and artistic inlays. In their Mercedes, Texas, shop, Rios of Mercedes craftspeople and artists are not just making you an exquisite pair of boots–they’re inviting you...

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Designing work boots for all applications since 1918, Wesco Boots sets the West Coast standard for workwear that holds up. Since serving Oregon’s timber camps at the turn of the century with hardy footwear made to withstand the muddy slopes, Wesco has refined their bootmaking process to a fine art,...

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Worn by cowboys, outlaws, and presidents, Olathe Boots have made a name for themselves in the Western-wear tradition. Olathe has been defining Cowboy boots in the U.S. since 1875, when C.H. Hyer put to use the skills he learned from his German father, William, to begin manufacturing the boots of...

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